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Well son, I'll tell you, life for me ain't been no crystal stair. - Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

Raising Him Alone (RHA) is dedicated to researching, designing, and implementing a campaign to support the social well being of single mothers raising boys. Through a series of intense community forums, workshops and support group initiatives, RHA seeks to increase access to resources in the areas of Health & Well Being (Mental Health), Educational Support & Advocacy, as well as Financial Literacy.

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Open Society Institute presents:  Voices from the Campaign for Black Male Achievement

This video shares voices from those working to inspire bolder and brighter visions of what is possible for black men and boys in America.

It was filmed at the first annual Campaign for Black Male Achievement Transformational Leadership Retreat, which took place in December 2009 in Miami, Florida. In partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Open Society Institute convened over 60 leaders from across the nation to participate in a retreat designed to raise the bar for participants' personal and organizational leadership in 2010.

During the retreat, participants were asked to talk about their collective missions to improve the life outcomes of black men and boys.

The Raising Him Alone Campaign presents Help For Single Mothers RHA features:
An effort to help parents better monitor what their children watch on TV, the video games they play, their cell phone use and how they interact with social media.
70% of African American children are raised by a single mother. A large percentage of these children are male. Often these male children do not have a lot of contact with their fathers. We believe that it is vital for mothers to learn more about male parenting and male development.

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